New Places means New Anime!

I move about a month ago and the only source of internet is through my phone, which is just an android. It kills me but I take what I can get. So lately I’ve been going to the library to check out the different anime they have there and found they have a good sized colletion of anime.


Nyan Koi!

Nyan Koi! is an interesting anime/manga. Those who like cats would really like this series. Its only in japanese but you can find the dvd with english subs. There is no dub version. This anime is about a guy named Junpei Kosaka who accidentily breaks the statue of a guardian deity of cats and from then on cursed. Keep in mind this guy is also very allergic to cats and tends to hate them for coming near him. Then to make matters worse, the girl he has a crush on really loves cats! As do all the girls he happens to come in contact with. So when he is cursed by the deity, he is able to hear and talk to cats and now he must help 100 cats with their problems or he himself will be turned into a cat. Its a very fun and cute anime with talking cats and crazy situations that Junpei gets into while trying to keep others from finding out about his curse. For those who like the anime should read the manga as well, which goes further then the anime.


Funny everyday life or not?

Kinda hating school right now and neglecting school work but! I did find a new anime to watch that cheers me up and keeps me laughing.


Daily Lives of High School Boys

For this picture kinda ignore the girl in the back. She doesn’t actually have any big part in the main story but she does make the guys behave funny. OK!! SO this anime is called Daily Lives of High School Boys and it is so funny!! The whole series is already out and only has 12 episodes. Each episode is composed of skits that will either have you smiling or flat-out laughing. The story is basically about 3 guys who are friends and their daily lives. Kinda of a difference from all the everyday girl animes. These guys are strange and ridiculous with their conversations or acting out. The main character is supposed to be Tadakuni but he isn’t given that big of a role to be the main character. His friends Hidenori and Yoshitake both go to an all boys school with him and they are usually the ones who pull him into all their crazy plans and ideas. Most of their conversations are about girls and their misinterpretations of what they think their like and just acting like boys. Just watch one episode to decide if you really like it. But if you’re a fan of silliness to straight out ridiculous behavior, then this is the anime for you!

Strange but Interesting!

School is getting to me but I found another girl who like anime just as much as I do. And I’m really getting along with the other people in my class. But when homework is too stressful I like to look towards some new anime.



Ok!! So this time an anime called Tsuritama caught my attention. There are only two episodes out so far but I really love it! The main character is named Yuki Sanada and he definitely has some problems! Like most story lines, he just moved into a new place and is having a hard time adjusting, that is until a strange boy named Haru who claims to be an alien, shows up wanting to be his friend and go fishing with him. But Yuki is a funny character who seems like a good guy, he definitely has a hard time expressing his feelings and usually trys to keep a calm face but he has a lot to say about everything. Sadly he never says anything about whats going on in his head and all this builds up till he makes a really funny face and causes others to think he’s actually mad. Luckly with Haru around he is getting closer and closer to expressing himself out loud. Add in a brooding dark-haired boy and you have a three team gang. BUT!! There is another character who is strange and seems to be investigating Haru and to make it more interesting he also carries around a duck named Tapioca. But it does mostly involve fishing and how it’s bonding the soon to be friends together. There is something that Haru’s sister said about having to fish so he can catch something to save the world but not too sure on that. So, it’s defiantly an anime to keep an eye on and worth keeping up with. I can’t wait for the next episode and Yuki’s progress on discovering himself.

Games & A Movie

I’m starting to feel the effects of all my classes after the first week. And I think I might already be getting behind. But luckly I have my DS game and Professor Layton!


Professor Layton and the Last Spector

The latest game I have of Professor Layton and I just can’t get enough of these puzzles! In this game it shows how Professor Layton first meets Luke. All new puzzles and mini games! There is even another feature called London Life and it’s like a whole new game. It’s actually a bit addicting.  This game is for a Nintendo DS system and lots of fun. There are great video scenes and the story line is never boring! The voice actors are great and the only advice I can give is to always click on the mouse that runs across the screen. It runs pretty fast so be sure to catch it!


Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Yes!! They made a movie!!! I couldn’t believe when I found this movie at Fry’s Electronic Store. I bought it right away and watched it as soon as I got home. I’m amazed they even found a way to incorporate puzzles into the movie! I really loved this movie and the animation was great and the same as in the game. One thing I really didn’t like is that Luke’s and Emmy’s voices were different in the movie. I wish they had kept the same voice actors. But once you get over that, you really start to enjoy the movie. ^_^

…..Stress, good thing there is anime!

After reading all the things my classes will be covering for the term, I’m starting to re-think my idea of 5 classes at the same time. Plus I ordered my books abit late. So I have to wait for them before I can even do my assignments. My online classes seem really hard too. >.< But for times of stress there is always a way to relax!



A very funny and interesting anime!! Beelzebub is about a baby who is the become the next demon load and the poor guy that has to raise him. Luckly for Baby Beel he has Oga Tatsumi to become his human parent. He is the toughest and craziest first year student in a school full of delinquents! But Baby Beel is not alone, he has Hilda a demon maid to make sure the person taking care of him is suitable and Alaindelon a weird guy who transports people through his body. There are some more funny and interesting characters that you get to know and love but Baby Beel is the best character! Some things that might put you off is that Baby Beel is always naked but his cute charm makes you get over it and you always just look forward towards the next adventure! The manga is just as good! Some things might seem random but they just add to the funniness. Definetly a great series to watch!

Last day of peace (for now)

Sadly today is my last day of spring break…not that i actually did much. I spent almost everyday inside either sleeping or on the computer watching anime or reading manga and fanfiction. I start school again tomorrow, which sucks but at least it’s getting me closer to getting my certificate to be a Library/media assistant! My next classes are mostly lectures or online classes.


The Breaker

I found a manga that I really enjoyed reading. It’s called The Breaker: New Waves. Sadly I accidently read the new waves one first but then i found out it was actually the second part and that i had skipped the first part. Normally i don’t get too interesting in manga about just fighting and such but i found myself really sucked in. The first series The Breaker is important to read! It sets up the charaters and alot of the info you need to better understand what is going on in the murim world. It may put you off at first with the characters but soon you find yourself cheering for the main character to get up and fight!

 The Breaker: New Waves

The second Breakers: New Waves is great! Your opinion changes on some characters and you want even more for Shioon (the main character) to get stronger and fight! The fight scenes are great and the artwork takes abit getting used to. But the story line is really good! New fights and some new characters! Shioon may be weak now but you just know he will get stronger and defeat all those in the seven dragons! There is even hints of romance going on. What really makes you stick to the story is the murim are now invading the normal world and they are so strong that they are above the law. So definetly a manga to check out and get into!

Dull day

I was able to finish the book Darke yesterday! I don’t know why I put it off for so long, it was a great book!! I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I suscribed to the authors blog a long time ago and it’s fun that she actually posts things too. Like her last post actually showed a picture of the manuscript for the next book and how it’s almost finished being edited! I tired to play some of my old games but it just reminded me that I’m not good at any games! I once tried a Mario game and I kept dying on the first level!! It took me two days before I actually got past it. lol It’s weird cause I have lots of DS games and I can play those but I just suck at anything else.