Strange but Interesting!

School is getting to me but I found another girl who like anime just as much as I do. And I’m really getting along with the other people in my class. But when homework is too stressful I like to look towards some new anime.



Ok!! So this time an anime called Tsuritama caught my attention. There are only two episodes out so far but I really love it! The main character is named Yuki Sanada and he definitely has some problems! Like most story lines, he just moved into a new place and is having a hard time adjusting, that is until a strange boy named Haru who claims to be an alien, shows up wanting to be his friend and go fishing with him. But Yuki is a funny character who seems like a good guy, he definitely has a hard time expressing his feelings and usually trys to keep a calm face but he has a lot to say about everything. Sadly he never says anything about whats going on in his head and all this builds up till he makes a really funny face and causes others to think he’s actually mad. Luckly with Haru around he is getting closer and closer to expressing himself out loud. Add in a brooding dark-haired boy and you have a three team gang. BUT!! There is another character who is strange and seems to be investigating Haru and to make it more interesting he also carries around a duck named Tapioca. But it does mostly involve fishing and how it’s bonding the soon to be friends together. There is something that Haru’s sister said about having to fish so he can catch something to save the world but not too sure on that. So, it’s defiantly an anime to keep an eye on and worth keeping up with. I can’t wait for the next episode and Yuki’s progress on discovering himself.