Last day of peace (for now)

Sadly today is my last day of spring break…not that i actually did much. I spent almost everyday inside either sleeping or on the computer watching anime or reading manga and fanfiction. I start school again tomorrow, which sucks but at least it’s getting me closer to getting my certificate to be a Library/media assistant! My next classes are mostly lectures or online classes.


The Breaker

I found a manga that I really enjoyed reading. It’s called The Breaker: New Waves. Sadly I accidently read the new waves one first but then i found out it was actually the second part and that i had skipped the first part. Normally i don’t get too interesting in manga about just fighting and such but i found myself really sucked in. The first series The Breaker is important to read! It sets up the charaters and alot of the info you need to better understand what is going on in the murim world. It may put you off at first with the characters but soon you find yourself cheering for the main character to get up and fight!

 The Breaker: New Waves

The second Breakers: New Waves is great! Your opinion changes on some characters and you want even more for Shioon (the main character) to get stronger and fight! The fight scenes are great and the artwork takes abit getting used to. But the story line is really good! New fights and some new characters! Shioon may be weak now but you just know he will get stronger and defeat all those in the seven dragons! There is even hints of romance going on. What really makes you stick to the story is the murim are now invading the normal world and they are so strong that they are above the law. So definetly a manga to check out and get into!