Games & A Movie

I’m starting to feel the effects of all my classes after the first week. And I think I might already be getting behind. But luckly I have my DS game and Professor Layton!


Professor Layton and the Last Spector

The latest game I have of Professor Layton and I just can’t get enough of these puzzles! In this game it shows how Professor Layton first meets Luke. All new puzzles and mini games! There is even another feature called London Life and it’s like a whole new game. It’s actually a bit addicting.¬† This game is for a Nintendo DS system and lots of fun. There are great video scenes and the story line is never boring! The voice actors are great and the only advice I can give is to always click on the mouse that runs across the screen. It runs pretty fast so be sure to catch it!


Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Yes!! They made a movie!!! I couldn’t believe when I found this movie at Fry’s Electronic Store. I bought it right away and watched it as soon as I got home. I’m amazed they¬†even found a way to incorporate puzzles into the movie! I really loved this movie and the animation was great and the same as in the game. One thing I really didn’t like is that Luke’s and Emmy’s voices were different in the movie. I wish they had kept the same voice actors. But once you get over that, you really start to enjoy the movie. ^_^